quinta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2010


I didn't mean any of those promises
Which I begged for you to hear
I barely lay awake on my sadness
And you already moved here!

If I was there
I would pretend I care
While you're drowning in my tears
Inside my happy nightmare.

Am I that mean?
Are you absolutely great?
Did you saw what I've seen?
You catch my point a little late.

There's nothing in your dumb head
You make it all look wrong
I guess maybe only dead
You'll know the meaning of get along.

I would never ask for sorry
And I seriously don't want to know
I hope you fall from your glory
And learn hard how to grow

You always get your stuff
Without an effort to take
I fought all the time for us
But all you did was break!

Oh, real pleasure of mine
Are all those drugs I abused
They were playing games on my mind
Everything's got so amused!

And I'll break our chains
Slipping through your veins.
Killing every part of my defeat
Until it's only me on you
I will be the one who make you heart to beat
The only one to make it true.

Oh darling...
My sweet, sweet darling, what's this?
I made a mess of you...
But my wish indeed it is
I can't wait 'till I fuck you!

(Não, não é uma canção. Sim, é da minha autoria.)

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